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The Pretenders - Nothing "Natural" About Them

"If they have to put the word 'natural' on a box to convince you, it probably isn't."

~Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation
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Food labels that claim a food is "natural" may not guarantee that food is good for you or for nature. In fact, many so-called "natural" foods contain the toxic chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and genetically engineered ingredients that are harming people and the planet. Only the organic seal guarantees that food is being made in ways that Mother Nature intended.

FDA considers "natural" food to mean "nothing artificial or synthetic (including colors regardless of source) is included in, or has been added to, the product that would not normally be expected to be there." But, federal regulators do not enforce the policy. And, many heavily processed foods containing "unnatural" ingredients designed to make food look better or last longer carry the "natural" label.

Some familiar foods using the "all-natural" promise include:

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Some Greek Yogurt labeled as "natural" is made using milk from cows fed genetically engineered ingredients. Sound natural to you?
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Despite being labeled "100% Natural", Corn Oil is often made with genetically engineered corn.
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"All Natural" chips may sound healthy, but they actually contain genetically engineered ingredients.
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Granola products can contain highly processed ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, despite their "all natural" claims.
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Orange Soda can be "naturally flavored"...despite having high fructose corn syrup listed as an ingredient.
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Some companies advertise their frozen food products as made with "100% Natural white-meat chicken", even though its chickens are raised with the use of antibiotics.
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Some frozen meals say "100% Natural", but really contain genetically modified ingredients.
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“All Natural” Ice it really natural? Hardly. It can come form cows treated with hormones and fed a diet containing pesticides.
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Turkey Breasts labeled as "All Natural" can use turkeys that have never been outdoors. Sound natural to you?
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Cheese labeled as "natural" could have been made using milk from cows injected with hormones, kept in poor conditions or fed genetically engineered food.
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