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Do you eat a healthy organic breakfast every day? Skipping your morning meal can be a mistake, because you may be more likely to snack later, and miss out on essential nutrition to kick-start your day. We’ve come up with 10 inspiring organic breakfast ideas to help you get started.

1. Overnight favorites: This is the perfect solution for those that like to do night prep for the next day. We found an excellent overnight oats recipe from Nature’s Path and an overnight french toast recipe from Stonyfield.

2. Breakfast on the go: When you hit the snooze button one too many times before heading out for the work day, try any one of these items from Nature’s Path, Stonyfield, Happy Family or Annie’s. From yogurts to breakfast biscuits you won’t be sacrificing your health in your rush out the door.

3. Breakfast toast: Avocado toast is a favorite around here along with turning an old classic into something new with a twist. Try chia jam or eggs on toast with avocado.

4. Breakfast cakes aka muffins: The closest thing to having cake in the morning is having a delicious fresh-baked muffin. Don’t worry, we have healthy organic muffin recipes in mind for your mornings. Check out these delicious recipes from Organic Valley, Annie’s, Happy Family and Nature’s Path.

5. Breakfast bowls, superfood lattes and smoothies: Do you love smoothies, coffee and acai bowls? Get inspiring and healthy ideas from our friends at Nature’s PathAnnie’s, StonyfieldBack To The Roots, and Orgain.

6. Eggs: Eggs are an “egg-cellent” way to start the day. Get inspired with these healthy egg recipes from our partners: strata, scramblebenedict, and frittata.

7. Cereal from around the world: From Congee to Muesli, get inspired with some worldly fare from our friends at Nature’s Path.

8. Homemade and frozen: We love to make large batches of homemade food and freeze them, especially during harvest seasons. Making large batches of breakfast favorites like waffles and fruit is just one way to make your mornings easier. Buckwheat waffles are perfect for making in advance and freezing. Another healthy and delicious recipe to make in a big batch and freeze is Orgain’s peanut butter and jelly protein bars.

9. Breakfast in a jar: Breakfasts in a jar can be anything from chia pudding, to parfaits, to smoothies to overnight oats.

10. Seasonal favorites: One of the keys to eating healthy is to start by choosing fresh, in-season, organic and local ingredients. Look for seasonal additions to classic recipes such as, pumpkin proats from Orgain or pumpkin pancakes from Stonyfield.

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