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By | August 24th, 2017 | Organic News |

It’s that time of year again! As summer ends and school begins, we thought it would be helpful to share five new hacks for creating healthy habits and kicking off the school year right.

  1. The number one concern we hear from parents about choosing organic food is the cost. To address this concern we have uncovered some great hacks that are simple, practical ways to get deep discounts on organic products. Get these tips here and here.
  2.  The second concern we hear is that is takes more planning to pull off an organic menu. We have a great article on meal planning tips from seasoned veteran, Amy Marlow, MPH. As Amy explains, meal planning is deciding in advance what you’re going to serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It helps you ask “what’s for dinner” less often and avoid extra trips to the store.
  3. The third concern parents have about organic foods is lack of access. Since organic demand is steadily increasing, access is becoming less of an issue. We recommend identifying your local organic farmers, farmers markets, CSAs and online buying clubs using our resources page here.
  4. Aside from these concerns some parents don’t know why they should choose organic over conventional in the first place. One of the key reasons we recommend organic food to parents is to reduce pesticide exposure. A recent study linked exposure to multiple pesticides linked to lower IQ in 7-year-olds. Learn more about that study here. The second reason is that organic food provides multiple health benefits. What, exactly, are the health benefits of going organic? That depends on who you ask and which studies you consult. Here are some science-backed findings you don’t want to miss.
  5. So now you have tips on saving money on organic food, meal planning hacks, resources to find organic locally, and science-backed research to back-up your decision to go organic. Lastly we’ve pulled some kid-approved recipes from our supporting brands and some lunchbox inspiration from Annie’s Homegrown.

Lunchbox Inspiration

Organic Recipes

Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes

Apple Sandwiches













Orgain Frozen Probiotic Protein Pops Recipe

YoKids Frozen Yogurt Bites from Stonyfield

Seasnax Raw Wraps

Tropical Coco-Banana Nice Cream Parfait from Nature’s Path



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