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By | May 1st, 2014 |

While pitching in on his family’s farm Bloomfield Organics, Nick Papadopoulos saw a problem. He saw stunning and nutritious organic produce going unsold and uneaten. Instead of feeding people it was going to the compost and chicken coop! With a sense of urgency and outrage he and his friend, Gary Cedar, began experimenting with the power of social media and crowdsourcing to solve the problem. Within days the CropMobster™ Community Exchange model was born. It helps assist cities, counties and regions better connect the dots in order to solve food waste, support hunger relievers and boost the economic viability of farms and food businesses. This online instant alert system allows any resident, farmer or food business with unsold food and Ag surplus to post real-time alerts. Individuals in the growing CropMobster community then take personal responsibility to share each alert via social media to crowdsource a solution and generate inspiring stories of impact.

In their first year CropMobster facilitated the exchange of over 1/2 million pounds of food, 1 million servings and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank for small farms and food businesses. They have been profiled in TIME, FastCompany, the National Young Farmer’s Coalition, and other major outlets.  Nick and his partners are on a mission to inspire impact and ignite the untapped power of community to address the fact that 1/3 of global food supply is wasted while humans, our environment and climate suffer. We applaud and are inspired by their leadership and ask that everyone pitches in to this worthy project by leaving them an online donation or “tip”, helping bring them into your community and just plain help them Git-R-Done!

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