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By | May 13th, 2014 |

The real-life uncle to ten nieces and nephews, Matt McLean ventured into the organic juice business in 1999 with a passion for healthy living as well as a long family history of growing citrus in Florida. Matt’s goal was, and still is, to produce the highest quality juice, using only premium 100% organically-grown fruit that is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

“For me, organic just made the most sense,“ says Matt. “Less toxins to the environment and less toxic residues on the fruit are ultimately what is best for everybody. It really is the way my grandfather and great-grandfather used to grow citrus. Our philosophy is based on building healthy soils that will yield a healthier tree so it can naturally defend itself against disease, not the single factor analysis of today’s Ag world where if you have a pest you find a pesticide!”

Today, Matt –– as CEO of Uncle Matt’s Organic –– carries on his family’s traditions of growing quality citrus. Uncle Matt’s Organic farms citrus groves in partnership with several family farmers.  In addition to 20 varieties of organic citrus, including oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and cara cara oranges, Uncle Matt’s is committed to teaching other farmers to convert to organic. “Growing organic is feel-good work,” Matt says. “I’m able to do better for the planet and continue a tradition that’s been in my family for four generations.”

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