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Summer picnics are an excellent time to try new salads, sandwiches, and sides with organic ingredients. With the summer harvest in full swing getting fresh ingredients from your local farmer’s market is accessible and affordable. Enjoy these organic summer recipes featuring some of our organic brand partners.

Organic Valley Picnic Potato Salad

A summer picnic is so much better with a chilled organic dish like Organic Valley’s picnic potato salad.

Patriotic Parfait Recipe

All hail to the red, white and blue! With protein-boosted yogurt, antioxidant-rich berries and tasty homemade granola for that perfect crunch. This is a parfait you’ll be sure to salute!

Lundberg’s Thin Stacker Picnic Board

Snack boards are the perfect light lunch for picnics. This board is inspired by Lundberg’s Thin Stackers paired with a mix of fruits, nuts, dip and veggies.

White Bean Hummus

White bean hummus is the perfect dip to take to a picnic or to use as a substitute for mayonnaise or mustard in your sandwich!

Layered Fiesta Salad

It’s not the number of layers that make a Super Bowl snack amazing, it’s the quality of the ingredients. Our layered fiesta salad uses fresh organic vegetables like tomatoes and avocados mixed with Organic Valley Shredded Mexican Blend Cheese and creamy, delicious Organic Valley Sour Cream.

Annie’s Organic Buttermilk Coleslaw

Coleslaw is the perfect salad to pair with your picnic sandwich. Get this delicious recipe from Annie’s Homegrown.

Annie’s Organic Gluten-Free Reuben Sandwich

A classic staple sandwich recipe that is so delicious! The recipe use delicious Annie’s Homegrown Thousand Island Dressing, which is certified organic and gluten-free.

Stonyfield’s Creamy Chocolate Dressing

Who said chocolate and veggies can’t be friends? This sweet and savory made-with-yogurt dressing is perfect for summer salads, veggie platters, or a tasty afternoon picnic. Add dessert to your veggies!

Caprese Chicken Salad Wrap

Unlike the classic chicken salad, this one made with protein-packed yogurt instead of the usual mayonnaise, making it a healthier choice. Traditional Caprese flavors shine in this wrap and you’ll taste the fresh, floral basil along with creamy mozzarella cheese and sweet tomatoes. It’s a winner for lunchtime!

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