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OV_GardeningChallenge_1Earlier this month we presented 7 Steps to Starting and Enjoying an Organic Garden. Today we are launching a challenge to our members asking you to pledge to start your own organic garden. The challenge is comprised of 5 easy steps, but, don’t worry we’ll be with you through every step, every weed and pesky invader. All you have to do is commit to these simple steps to be a part of this challenge. If this is your first growing experience be sure to use our organic gardening guide here.

Challenge Step One: Garden Plan!

Make a plan for your garden and set a goal. It’s ok to start small and expand as you gain experience. In fact we highly recommend you try a couple things out if this is the very first time you’re getting your hands in the soil. It could be a simple herb garden or a full-fledged backyard garden that feeds your whole neighborhood. Dream big, but don’t set yourself up for failure; create your garden plan and make a solid commitment to go for it.

Challenge Step Two: Plant That Seed!

This step requires that you actually start growing something you love to eat. Again, this can be a window box full of edible flowers or a potted herb garden on your back patio. Either way this step requires that you actually start growing something you love to eat today, so plant something and begin tending your garden. Whatever you plant, be proud of it!

 Challenge Step Three: Share Your Masterpiece!

Share your pot of gold or maze of maize. You can privately send images to us on Facebook or share them with us on social media publicly. With your permission we will feature your garden adventures on our social channels. You can also simply tag us on social using the hashtag #OrganicGardenChallenge. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Challenge Step Four: Join Our Live Chat!

During the summer we will have a live chat with some special guests to answer any questions you may have about your organic gardening process. We will be providing links, answering questions, sharing successes from our challenge participants and you won’t want to miss the giveaways we are providing that night. Stay tuned on the dates, panelists and more to be announced. Note: This step isn’t required but you can’t get in on the community fun or giveaways without attending.

Challenge Step Five: Organic Harvest!

So now that you’ve completed step one through three you might be harvesting your very first organic food. We want to hear all about it. We will be selecting one person to be featured on our blog about their process, their struggles, their harvest and most importantly their organic food! Will this organic gardener be you?

This process is a challenge for all of us to walk our talk and grow our own organic food. Get your friends, kids, family, and neighbors in on the fun. This isn’t a competition but more of a fun experiment to get you inspired to live an organic lifestyle while also gaining access to fresh organic food. Once you taste the first organic carrot out of your own garden, we promise you will be hooked!

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