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Organic Fresh Food Challenge

Introducing the organic fresh food challenge! This challenge invites all participants to simply add one piece of fresh organic produce to every meal. It’s that simple. Are you up for the organic fresh food challenge? Your first question might be, why? Keep reading to find out more.

Why you should incorporate fresh food into your diet.

Did you know eating one portion of fresh food per meal can dramatically improve your health and digestion? The live enzymes that we get in the food are killed off when cooked or processed. Conventional processed foods are depleted of valuable nutrients and packed full of chemicals and sugars. Retrain your taste buds to enjoy fresh organic fruits or vegetables. Learn more about how fresh organic foods act as a cleansing agent for your spring detox here.

You can join the challenge by taking a photo of fresh food and adding the challenge hashtag #organicfreshfood on social media. Tag Only Organic on social as well and we’ll be highlighting your challenge entries throughout the spring, summer, and fall harvest season. Find us on social here:

Bonus points if you can buy it locally, from an organic farmer. If buying local isn’t an option there are excellent delivery services that offer affordable organic produce delivery. Try one of these companies to assist you in the challenge:

If eating fresh food isn’t something you’re accustomed to we recommend these recipe roundups that are full of easy-to-add recipes to your daily habits.

Don’t forget to share on social media and invite your friends and family to join in the challenge!

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