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Weeks Five and Six

Only Organic Swap Challenge: Snacks

If you missed the launch of our New Year’s Organic Swap Challenge, it’s not too late to join in on the fun. This week we are guiding your swap journey with three snack items to trade for healthier organic options. Did you know that Americans with the healthiest diets consume 36 percent more snack meals a year than the average consumer, according to the study “Snacking in America“? So get ready to fuel up with organic snacks that are high in protein and fiber, and are nutrient dense to help you stay full and satisfied until dinner. Learn more about the challenge and organic breakfast and lunch swaps here:

Top 3 Organic Snack Swaps:

  1. Chips
  • Why you should swap:


Most of us love a crunchy snack, but conventional chips are usually made with GMO corn and fried in GMO canola, cottonseed or soy oil. Tortilla chips have fewer nutrients than some other snacks, but if you pair them with an organic fresh or roasted tomato salsa, you boost the nutrients without adding a lot of empty calories.

Our top picks for organic chips are from Late July and Nature’s Path sister brand Que Pasa. Que Pasa has some excellent organic chip options, as well as organic salsa.

  1. Bars
  • Why you should swap:

The number one reason to choose organic snack and protein bars is to avoid GMOs, fillers and synthetic ingredients that have been linked to human health problems.

Our top picks for organic bars are from Nature’s Path, Annie’s Homegrown, and Happy Family.

  1. Crackers
  • Why you should swap:

Snack foods like crackers often hide unhealthy ingredients behind words like “natural,” “whole wheat” and “fiber-rich.” But when you swap crackers made with conventional grains for organic alternatives, you can be sure you’re avoiding toxic and synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, genetic engineering, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and irradiation.

Our top picks for organic crackers come from Annie’s Homegrown and Happy Family.

Snack Swap Hacks: 

  • Where to buy:

All of the recommended brands have store locators and are available nationwide.

  • Get coupons from the brands mentioned in this challenge:

Happy Family coupon

Annie’s coupon

Late July


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