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By | December 11th, 2023 | Organic News |

Announcing the Instagram takeover featuring The Organic Center. On December 14th the Only Organic Instagram account will be taken over by The Organic Center team. They’ll be sharing the benefits of organic spices, herbs, and teas from their recent report.

If you’re new to this organization let us introduce you!

The Organic Center is your trusted source on the science of organic food and farming. They serve up unbiased research so you can make healthier choices based on scientific findings.

The goal of The Organic Center is to empower you to make informed choices in your everyday life. By providing you with the facts on organic, you can make healthy choices for your family and the planet.

Event details:

What: An Instagram takeover to encourage you to understand the science behind your organic purchases!

When: December 14th

Where: Visit the Only Organic Instagram account 

Takeover Guests: Visit our friends at The Organic Center to learn more about their organization.

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