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Five Myths About Organic Food (That Are Actually True)

When supposed “myth-busters” like Peter Laufer and his Washington Post Editorial, “Five myths about organic food,” leave out key information about what it means for food to be organic, their ...

By | June 24th, 2014 | Organic News

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Parents Love Organic

A new study from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) found that parents across the country are buying more organic food for their children due to growing agreement that organic is the healthiest opti...

By | June 17th, 2014 | Organic News

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Tomatoes Go Head-to-Head

Think that conventional tomato is the same as an organic one? Think again. A new study published in the IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science has found that organic tomatoes have a hi...

By | June 16th, 2014 | Organic News

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Organic Confusion?

If you’re trying to figure out what the organic label really means, reading Marshall Matz’s recent Agri-Pulse piece, “Organic Confusion,” will only muddle the waters.  This is really no surp...

By | June 4th, 2014 | Organic News

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The solution to climate change? Organic agriculture!

By: Violet Batcha The solution to climate change? Organic agriculture! A new white paper from the Rodale Institute estimates that if all crop and pastureland across the world was converted to r...

By | May 30th, 2014 | Organic News

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Sustainability of Organic Farming

By: The Organic Center  The opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on May 15 titled “Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable” by Henry Miller takes a very narrow and incomplete view of the enviro...

By | May 19th, 2014 | Organic News

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The Guy Who Called Ketchup a Vegetable Calls Organic Misleading?!

By: Violet Batcha The other day, the Des Moines Register’s opinion page published a piece titled “Organic marketing: Not truthful, often misleading” by John R. Block. Before we even get into...

By | May 15th, 2014 | Organic News

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The Easiest Way to Avoid Pesticide Exposure

By: Violet Batcha It’s easy to see the benefits organic agriculture has on the health and wellness of organic livestock and the environment. But what about for us, the people actually buying and...

By | May 13th, 2014 | Organic News

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But really, is organic better for your health?

By: The Organic Center  While the Washington Post article “Is organic better for your health?” touches on some interesting topics, the conclusions about the lack of differences in health ...

By | April 9th, 2014 | Organic News

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In Defense of (Big) Organic

Have you seen Myra Goodman’s incredible Ted talk? Goodman, co-founder of Earthbound Farm, made a passionate and compelling for case for need for more organic, regardless if the size. The ...

By | March 13th, 2014 | Organic News

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